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Nail & Cuticle Treatments


Cuticle Oil Almond or Ginseng

This cuticle oil contains a blend of natural oils which work together to soften and moisturize the cuticles.

Fast Drying Top Coat

A fast drying top coat that dries up to four coats of nail enamel to a high, gloss shine in less than three minutes. It contains a UV inhibitor that prevents nail discoloration.

Hydrating Base Coat

Water from prickly pear replenishes,revitalizes and support hydration while hydro-functional actives from coconut and castor bean form a protective blanket on the nail. Apply one coat under your nail polish.

Gel Finish Top Coat

This top coat creates a beautiful gel like finish and allow the polish to last up tp two weels with mo chipping or tip wear. Apply one coat on dry nail polish.

Scratch Repair

Freshens manicure and pedicures, instantly erasing all micro-scratches, dents, and surface marks all while prolonging the life of the polish.

Deep Nutrition

This treatment offers the deepest nutrition and is the most quenching program for nails. in 3 weeks nails are back to their healthiest virgin quality. Nails that strong,silky smooth and protected.

Base Coat Garlic

The garlic extract in this base coat helps to grow and strengthen the nails. Apply one coat under your nail polish.

Ridge Vanisher Base Coat

Multi-functional base coat repairs and protects nails, and soothes ridges while increasing color adhesion.

Triple 5 Base Coat

Nourishing, hydrating, revitalizing base coat that hardens nails and stimulates growth. Apply two coats, twice a week to increase each of the 5 benefits.